Today in the city Pine Apple 20.05.2018

Apple is about to report earnings

Apple's new approach to its flagship phone has made it harder than usual to gauge the company's success.

Apple is testing a key level ahead of earnings, and it could signal more pain for the stock

As Wall Street braces for Apple earnings after the bell Tuesday, some already foresee downside risk for its stock.

Apple's VR headset will reportedly have a higher resolution than even the best TVs and smartphones (AAPL)

Apple could release a VR headset as soon as 2020, CNET reported.  The headset would also be able to handle augmented reality, according to the report.  It would include two displays with hig...

Save a whopping $60 on a charging pad that can handle your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time

It's bad enough when your smartwatch runs out of battery, but when your watch and phone lose power at once? Now, that's flat-out unfortunate. SEE ALSO: Where to get those adorable cable bites tha...

Save $100 on the Apple Watch at Walmart

The Apple Watch has helped us fulfill all our Power Rangers Communicator-related dreams. Case in point: When the Series 1 was released in 2015, we gave it a rave review. Typically priced at upwards o...

How to use Google Duo, the video calling app that's better than Apple's FaceTime and works on any phone (GOOGL, GOOG)

A few months ago, my older sister made a life change that was met with animosity among the rest of my family members: she switched from an iPhone to a Google Pixel 2.  Now, I'm a huge fan of the...

Critics are slamming Chat, the new iMessage-like feature coming soon to all Android phones, for not being as secure as Apple iMessage or WhatsApp

A new feature called "Chat" will soon be deployed across every Android phone, as it will be automatically turned on within the default "Messages" app. Chat is not a Google service, although Google did...

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